The intention of Active Kat Yoga
is to provide a safe, encouraging, environment to help our students reach their individual yoga goals.
Whether it be stress management, weight loss, health related issues, or to improve your game, we have a class for you.
As Ripley County's only body/mind studio, our community of yoga practitioners at AKY are a diverse group, representing all shapes, sizes, socio-economic backgrounds, and yoga abilities, providing the basis of our philosophy, "Yoga for everybody and every body."
Our classes range from Gentle Yoga in Chairs to powerful Hatha Vinyasa. Each class does have one thing in common with each
asana (posture), pranayama (breath control) is intended to help you achieve greater balance and a more open heart in your daily life and all you do.

It is AKY's goal
to help YOU realize YOUR highest potential.

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What People are saying about Kat's ebook
wow. what a harrowing and powerful story. It seems like you turned your own experience into a way to be of service to others and I really admire that.
David Emerson, Director of Yoga Services at
The Trauma Center at JRI

"Your story is interesting and amazing. I’m familiar with chakras, neti pot, poses, yoga jargon, etc., but had not heard anything about brushing your body. It makes sense."
Judy Murrah, Houston, TX

" I really enjoyed reading your book. I admire your courage and determination. the part that really spoke to me was about cells having a memory of wholeness and given the right condition can return to that wholeness. I really needed to hear that just now. I have arthritis in my lower back and have been stressed for years looking after my dad who has had cancer. At times I feel as if I have a mountain to climb to get to health and vitality. so I will continue with my yoga and try to live a more yogic lifesyle. You are and inspiration. Thank you
love and best wishes"
Therese Powers, Glasgow,



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